CONTESTS feature

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    Hi there!

    Are You confident about your Skills?

    Do you excel in something?

    If you answered yes, then the latest myQs update is especially for you!

    Compete with other users to win real money on the myQs app.

    Here’s how:

    • A new feature called CONTESTS is now live on the myQs app.
    • Pitch in to Participate in a Contest and get a chance to win the pot of money from all participants.
    • You can play contests of different skills by paying a small amount of fees and compete with other users like yourself

    Simple, right!

    Top 3 winners get cash prizes as follows:

    • The Winner will get 35% of the Pot.
    • The runner-up will get 25% of the Pot.
    • The second runner-up will get 20% of the Pot.

    3 Challenges will be added on Tuesday, November 26, 2019:

    • techQst - 24Hrs
    • gyanQst - 2Hrs
    • digiQst - 4Hrs

    Remember, these are timed Challenges.

    These Contests are only for Indian Nationals, only.

    Hurry up and update your app now to play the Contests.