Python Interview Questions & Answers - Part 7

  • Team myQ

    25) What is module and package in Python?
    In Python, module is the way to structure program. Each Python program file is a module, which imports other modules like objects and attributes.

    The folder of Python program is a package of modules. A package can have modules or

    26) Mention what are the rules for local and global variables in Python?
    Local variables: If a variable is assigned a new value anywhere within the function's body, it's assumed to be local.
    Global variables: Those variables that are only referenced inside a function are implicitly global.

    27) How can you share global variables across modules?
    To share global variables across modules within a single program, create a special module. Import the config module in all modules of your application. The module will be available as a global variable across modules.

    28) Explain how can you make a Python Script executable on Unix?
    To make a Python Script executable on Unix, you need to do two things,

    • Script file's mode must be executable and
    • the first line must begin with # ( #!/usr/local/bin/python)